Term of the Day: Invisible Protective Shield

Posted by Shay on February 13th, 2010 (0 comments)

courtesy of Roger Ebert

What it means
Protects characters during fight scenes. They get hit by fists, chairs, bottles, etc. and thrown through walls, doors, glass, but wear only a small bandage in next scene, and later have no marks, although they should be black and blue for the rest of the movie.

My Explanation
There’s no way in hell anybody could survive the things these action heroes go through. It makes for a much more dramatic, action packed scene if 10,000 arrows are shot at him but his hanes tee and levi jeans protect his flesh. Aw, but his face is unprotected. We’ll paint some blood on his face to show that he isn’t really invincible but just so bad ass that even arrows are scared to penetrate his skin.

Any movie where there are bullets, running, a girl who goes in the burning building only to have the hero save her, or any combination of the above.


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