March, 2010

Don’t Tease Me!

Posted by Shay on March 18th, 2010 (1 comments)

Trailers I was perusing Hulu’s movie trailers when I came across I thought looked awesome. I’m a little ashamed to say the movie title because I like lame romantic comedies with actresses that people always make fun of. Anyway. I’m all excited for this movie. It looks funny, the love interest is kind of hot.

This looks amazing! I can’t wait to drag one of my friends to see it!

Then the hammer is dropped right on my last little piggy. The movies isn’t coming out for three months! Help me understand this. Are we now so obsessed with getting there first that we have ruined trailer-viewing? I blame Harry Potter and the Trailer That Came Out a Year Early. Seriously? First it was the teaser trailer at the one movie on opening weekend. Okay. So what that I have to see I Am Legend in IMAX to see exclusive footage of Dark Knight. I was going to see both anyway.

I remember when trailers could only be viewed in one of two places-on TV and at the theater. I thought that trailers online would mean more trailers of movies I could see this weekend. I feel like I’m being tricked.

Want to see a great movie?


Here’s the trailer!

That looks awesome. What are the showtimes?

Oh. Nay, nay. You don’t get to see this one right now. You have to sit in anguish while far crappier movies are released from the same conglomerate/movie house before this awesome one. We’ll make you wait, Idunno, 4 months. Yeah. That sounds like a good wait time.

Oh, screw you movie executive.

It’s gotten ridiculous. And now you have the teaser trailer, the theatrical trailer, the trailer, the exclusive clip, the interview, the featurette, and the making of. I just want to see the damn movie. No “Coming Soon” or “Summer 2010.” Is that too much to ask, Mr. Movie Exec. Can you only put out trailers for this month?

And here one I just stumbled across. Grr. I love trailers. I’d like making trailers to be my bread and butter one day. It’s seems to be the marketing and promotion department is the one I should steer clear of.