November, 2009

Interview with Director Giles Timms

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Here’s an interview with Giles Timms, Director of Deal All Along. But first a blurb from his site

Giles Timms is a director, animator, illustrator, and filmmaker.
Inspired by Russian Cut-Out Animation, Comics and Expressionism, Giles has cultivated a distinctive technique that is textural, stylized and painterly. Using history and its motifs, Giles creates pop surreal worlds that are grounded in the real – 3D worlds in a flat 2D paper style.
Giles’ films have won several film festival awards and have also been featured on such notable sites as Boing Boing and Cartoon Brew.

MTI How did you pick the song?
GT Ceri Frost and I both decided it would be a fun song to animate.

How did you come up with the concept?
GT Well, I knew I wanted to tell a story, even though the song was just under 2 minutes. I provided Ceri with 2 short treatments for the ideas I had and then worked from there with his input.

MTI How big was your team?
GT Umm, it was just me…so not very big :)

What was your biggest obstacle?
GT Fitting a story into a 2-minute song.

MTI Did any obstacle surprise you?
GT Well, I’m not sure I had any obstacles really. The hardest thing about the project was the challenge I set myself to create a story for the short song. The story evolved through the course of the project, so there were minor stops and starts, but no real obstacles as such.

How long was each phase of production? Pre? Post? In?
GT I work somewhat atypically for animation, so pre was a few days at most, production was about 98% of the work, and I used about a day for editing.

Did UCLA have any guidelines?
GT Mostly they wanted me to push the story, other than that, not really.

If so, what and did you find them limiting?
GT No, I think that the limits they set (that the music video should tell a story rather than be a series of images tied strictly to the lyrics) helped me. I find limits a good thing, in general.

What are you working on next?
GT Just finished a few more treatments for some new music videos, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.